The SS20 collection by AGGI is what you should find in every fashionista's closet this season. The choice of form and colours reflects the style of '70s and '80s and super trendy '90s.

Beautiful, double-breasted jackets in any shape, is a definite hit of the season. We have it all!. Oversized in intense colours combined with Bermuda shorts, the look is inspired by the styling of Julia Roberts from the 90s blockbuster "Pretty Woman". Short double-breasted jackets with slouchy pants, with "inflated" legs tapered around the ankles, in classic black, white and romantic lavender, are a clear trend of the 80s. There is also a wink to the 70s thanks to feminine jackets with a strongly accented shoulder line, combined with pants with extended legs in intense mandarine colour.

Dresses from airy materials in hypnotizing colours and patterns are also a strong point of the collection. Dashing slip dresses on thin straps, in deep green or intense lime, favoured in the last decade of the 20th century, are perfect for any styling. They can be worn classic to high heels, trendy with flip-flops with a wide strap or urban style with sneakers. Beautiful dresses with floral motifs appeared in various lengths. Among other things, a mini with a metallic thread shimmering with the sunlight, or a romantic pleated, in maxi length. Each of them will make you feel feminine and unique.

The collection also includes exceptionally charming and fashionable sets of crop tops with falling shoulders and puffy sleeves, combined with flimsy maxi skirts. These sets create a beautiful, light combination for everyday and special occasions. The patterns include beautiful flowers interspersed with a metallic thread that catches the light with every move, as well as a fun and romantic orange check inspired by Brigitte Bardot girlish Saint Tropez look.

This season, we also present extremely fashionable blouses with different lengths of sleeves, made of intricately embroidered cotton of the highest quality, which in combination with our pants and skirts create extremely feminine stylizations for every occasion.

Regardless of what you choose from the latest AGGI collection, you can be sure that you perfectly fit into today's trends, and at the same time you will stand out with a unique style and quality because, in addition to the perfect sense of the latest trends, AGGI creates its products with the highest attention to quality and every smallest detail.