AGGI is dedicated to the women who value craftsmen tailoring that emphasize the figure and like to experiment with the colour and texture. Exceptional quality cut and precision finish, as well as carefully selected materials of the highest quality, are one of the core values behind the success of AGGI. Our designs are inspired by the ‘70s and ‘80s eclectic style combined with contemporary trends.

The AGGI is uncompromised in our vision, selection of the fabric and refining the smallest details of the designs, which altogether create a unique collection loved by strong and independent women like herself. Not only is she ahead of the latest trends, but her ability to retrospect and draw from the eclectic form of the '80s, allows her to create unique works of art in which women feel special.

AGGI is adored by Polish celebrities and often worn by actresses, entertainers and media personalities. Looking stunning and feeling comfortable is what the brand stands for. You can see our flashy dresses on stage during big shows and concerts, our feminine suits on television programs and commercial spots. AGGI is visible on the red carpet photographed by paparazzi at festivals openings and during numerous prestigious events.

But AGGI is not only, shows, television and events. Our trendy and feminine creations are also perfect for everyday use, like work, shopping, a coffee with friends or holidays. Girls love our blouses and skirts, emphasizing the silhouette dresses or suits in vibrant colours.
The brand is a family venture and a team is a group of people who have been working with each other in a friendly atmosphere for years. We manufacture from beginning to end with all ethical standards in place in our studio, so we have full insight into the production chain.

We have been building our reputation on the market, thanks to which we are perceived as not only a luxury but also a trustworthy brand. We managed to achieve this thanks to many years of work in a well-coordinated and loving team of, among others, qualified tailors managed by our designer. Following the fair trade path, is one of our fundamental value, thanks to which our products are created in a sustainable and happy environment. All our products are made in our home town Krakow, Poland and we have full insight into our production chain at every stage. Our products are created of vegan and ecological materials, such as vegan leather or faux fur.

We try to eliminate unnecessary overproduction, which allows us to avoid excessive textile waste. By keeping production in one place, we contribute to reducing fuel consumption that pollutes our environment. Our goal is to create the best quality clothes so that they can serve our customers for years. By small everyday activities, we contribute to making women not only look beautiful but also to have the feeling of meeting the greatest of today's needs - caring for the environment.