Immerse yourself into the world of our new collection, which reveals a New Chapter in the history of the AGGI by HALEWSKI brand. It is a world where 80s glamour meets modern minimalism, combined with local craftsmanship at the highest level. This collection embodies high tailoring, the essence of our brand's DNA, and hot trends with refined, minimalist colours.


NEW CHAPTER is a capsule collection in which, as always, we focused on femininity, uniqueness and the glamour effect. The collection is created assuring that colours, fabrics and individual products combine seamlessly, each time creating a different unique effect. Venture on the journey in this world, mix and match however you like, to discover your new look. Celebrate with us the femininity, strength and courage that every woman carries within herself. Highlight the beauty within you in your unique way.


When creating new products, we attach great importance to the quality of workmanship. Every detail is thought out extremely carefully. It does not matter whether a specific element is visible from the outside or is hidden on the inside. We care about each detail the same. It was no different when creating the NEW CHAPTER. Well-thought-out, refined products work together to create a beautiful and harmonious whole. Experience that special attention to every detail of each product, once it lands in your hands. Let yourself be pampered with the NEW CHAPTER collection.